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 Injector Clips (Pigtails)

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PostSubject: Injector Clips (Pigtails)   2010-11-25, 9:33 am

The injector clips often get corroded/gunked up and fail to make a proper contact. The primary injector runs until around 3000 RPM (about the same time you reach 0 psi on the boost gauge) and then the secondary kicks in. If the secondary injector doesn't start spraying, the car suddenly goes into a major lean-out and falls on its face.

Go out and buy some new injector clips (sometimes also called "connectors", "sockets" or "pigtails"). They're found at most parts stores for $5-10 each, usually out on the floor (don't need them to look it up). Here are some part numbers:

Bosch or Motormite part #85850. "Bosch replacement FI pigtail"
General FI pigtail #35730 or PS35730
Standard FI pigtail #sk25 or s-654

Be sure to solder the new ones on and don't get the wires mixed up/reversed (I suggest doing one clip at a time).

You just snip the old connector off about an inch down, strip the wires, sand them clean, slide some shrink tubing on each wire, solder the new clip wires on, shrink the tubing and wrap it up in electrical tape.

Use some sandpaper folded over a screw driver (or an emery board) and clean the 2 metal contact terminals on each injector (they're copper, so they should almost shine). Connect the clips to the injector then repeat with the other injector and you're done! Should take you less than 45 minutes if you're taking your time.
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Injector Clips (Pigtails)
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