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 88 - 89 Knock Box Mod

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88 - 89 Knock Box Mod Empty
PostSubject: 88 - 89 Knock Box Mod   88 - 89 Knock Box Mod I_icon_minitime2010-11-25, 9:37 am

WARNING 1988-89 only!

The igniter box on stick-shift cars can be tricked into allowing 10.5 psi boost by moving one wire - basically, the wire that determines if the car has an automatic or manual transmission.

Step by step:

1) with the engine off, key out of the ignition, unplug the battery.

2) Locate the 2 millimeter thick black+yellow wire (black wire with a yellow stripe) at the igniter module near the ignition coil. Cut the wire near the connector - on the igniter side of the connector.

3) connect the cut wire from the igniter (NOT the stub remaining in the wiring harness side) to the 1.25 millimeter thick red wire on the igniter connector.

4) tape off the stub wire from the black+yellow wire in the connector since this wire continues to the ECU.

5) re-connect the battery and go for a test drive.

The boost should build to 10.5 psi or so at all RPMs now. If not, there is something is wrong with the igniter module, solenoid, knock sensor, or the turbo waste gate. The boost will still drop to 7 psi when knock is detected.

One extra bit to add to that post... the wires may CHANGE COLORS as they go through the connectors... on some 88/89 igniters the black+yellow wire turns into a lime green wire between the igniter box and the connector. This lime green one is the wire to cut. The end coming from the igniter is then spliced into the other wire. The end poking out of the connector is taped.

You can do this mod if:

1. your igniter box is a metal box (87 and earlier cars had a small plastic igniter box)

2. You have the 3 port waste gate as Hendu described. It should have two vacuum hoses running to an electrical vacuum switching valve attached to the top of the air filter box.

3. You have a 5 speed, not automatic tranny. Autos come with this mod already done.

PS This will work for 87's with a 88 - 89 ECU and metal knock box mods already done.
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88 - 89 Knock Box Mod
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