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 Sub Zero

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Sub Zero
Mile High Club
Mile High Club
Sub Zero

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PostSubject: Sub Zero   2010-12-17, 11:54 pm

In the early 90's my brother(BrazilBoy) and I got to test drive a conquest in Cleveland, loved the car but couldn't afford to buy it at that time. So it set dormant for many years in my mind to buy one someday.
In the meantime my brother bought 1 and unfortunately it was destroyed in a 3 car crash, then he bought the one he has now. He kept bugging me to buy one also. So after a long time and a family of 6, I was ready to buy my first conquest.
Found one right here in Pueblo Colorado in mint condition, previous owner was a certified mechanic and the car looked almost like the day it left the showroom, it was a bit pricey but after the test drive - SOLD!
3 hour ride back home, 90 degree clear summer day, windows down cruising up I-25, gunning it here and there to triple digits, then climbing scenic I-70, tunnels, curves, loved the torque on uphills. What a blast!
I am not well versed on the mechanics of these conquests but have done simple stuff like upgrading the turbo and replacing the speakers(the rear ones are a lot of fun, did not attempt the ones in the dash scratch )
My '87 Quest is parked most of the time, basically a weekend toy and hibernates from November to April. Someday I'll move back down to Denver so it can be driven/enjoyed more.
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Dz Nutz
Dz Nutz

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PostSubject: Re: Sub Zero   2010-12-18, 8:34 am

Glad to have you here and posting a bit on the site man. I do have to confess your SQ is one of the nicest I have seen in CO. Looking forward to tearing shit up with you and Roberto this coming summer. Wink
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Sub Zero
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