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 4 Pin MAFS Hack

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PostSubject: 4 Pin MAFS Hack   4 Pin MAFS Hack I_icon_minitime2010-11-25, 9:44 am

A lot of us with flatsides have a problem where we are stuck with our stock MAS because of the 4 pin conector. What this means is no 1G MAS mod for us, so we have to do things old school.

Heres the stock 4pin MAS from the flatsides
4 Pin MAFS Hack 4pinmas

Heres what you want
4 Pin MAFS Hack 4pinmashack

A small cut-off wheel (dremil works, just have lots of spare discs)
hack saw blade, you dont need the full saw, just the blade.
Files (a good flat and round file for cleaning and smoothing)
Drill or Drillpress (optional. explained later)
3 6-32 1/2" long screws
3 6-32 nuts
6 wasers
spray paint
Rubber Cement

Step 1: Cut off the top
To make this a very easy and clean job its best of you start by cutting off the 3 rivits that hold the top of the MAS to the main body.
4 Pin MAFS Hack 4pinmasr
The reason for this is to protect the rest of the MAS from all the cutting and drilling and sawing. Also, remove the big rubber O-ring from the top. again you dont want to mess this part up since its hard to replace.

step 2: How big do you want it?
Draw out how big you want to cut the hole. In my case I made it rather large. I made mine the same thickness around the top as it was around the 2 large openings at their smallest point, makes for a cleaner more eaven flow.

Step 3: CUT!
First start by cutting away the lower runners from the top plastic part. These ducts where ment to collect air from the middle of the air filter but also restriced the air flow. youll be ctutting half of them away anyway so might as well get rid of them all together. Be carefull, this plastic snaps easily.

Step 4: As Mel Brooks said "Nip the tip"
Very carefully and slowly start to cut out the opening. On my MAS the metal disk was positioned with 2 pins on the plastic lid. a Vise comes in handy to hold everythign while you work. Take your time here, you dont want to go too far out. No more then what I did which was basicly only leaving about a 1/8"-3/16" thick band to hold the O-ring. If you go too fast you'll be forcing the cut which will result in more clean up later on and a good chance of breaking the plastic apart. Trust me, it takes less time to cut slowly then to try and find a new MAS or fab the plastic part.

Step 5: Clean up
With the hole now opened up and joined take the files and clean up the cuts so they are nice and smooth. You may also want to finish up with some sand paper to get things good and smooth here.

Step 6: More clean up
Now if you look at the thin metal disc around where you cut the opening you may notice that its not realy sitting down on the plastic too well. This is why you cut the top off. Lightly sand the surface clean. you want to get rid of all the dirt and grime. Then give it a think coat of paint to keep the metal from rusting.

Step 7: putting it back together
Now, on the side you just painted (which originaly was face up) give it a thin coat of ruber cement and put this side down against the plastic top. Since the area that was cut open is most likely sticking up this will force it to lay flat. The ruber cement will also help to seal things. Replace the cut off rivits with the 3 screws, being sure to use a washer between the bolt and nut and the plastic parts. I used butten head allen screws since they where low profile and where also stainless steel.

Step 8: OPTION
If you look at the metal disc you will see 4 holes on the metered side (though these are simple pass threws) and 2 holes in the metal disc but no the plastic. You may want to drill these holes out to the size of holes in the metal disc to let a little more air threw. Try not to go too crazy, you need air to run threw the metered side or else things get thrown out of whack.

This helps the engine to breath a little better, kinda like blowing you nose. it should also help the turbo spool up a little faster since its not fighting to bring in air threw a small opening.

I shouldnt have to say this but MAKE SURE TO CLEAN UP ALL PARTICLES OF CUTTING ESPECIALY METAL!!! these little specks and wreak havoc to an engine so clean it before you put it back together. get a can of air and use that for the tight spots or if you hav an air compressor use an air nozzle to blow the crap away.
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4 Pin MAFS Hack
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