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 Idle Set Procedure

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Idle Set Procedure Empty
PostSubject: Idle Set Procedure   Idle Set Procedure I_icon_minitime2010-11-27, 9:12 am

1. Engine must be at operating temperature. All accessories OFF, front wheels in forward position (Minimal RPM strain from power steering pump)

2. After engine is warmed-up, turn ignition off.

3. Loosen accelerator cable so it is completely slack

4. Loosen TPS screws and rotate TPS all the way clockwise and secure screws

5. Turn ignition switch ON for more than 15 seconds then turn OFF . (This sets ISC to it specified position.)

6. Disconnect ISC motor connector

7. Start engine

8. Set idle speed with adjustment screw. (850 RPM +/- 100 RPM)

9. Stop engine

10. Connect voltmeter to top terminals on TPS connector. (See page 14 -12 of Factory manual)(cool.gif= Black & (GW=Green w/White stripe) Mike C likes to pull the rubber insulator out of the top of the connector to get a good connection on the wires. I like to use T-Pins to probe in through the top of the connector then attach with alligator adapter clips to the voltmeter

11. Ignition switch ON do not start engine

12. Loosen TPS screws and slowly turn TPS counterclockwise/clockwise to set correct voltage.

13. Set voltage to 0.45 - 0.51 ( optimal=0.48 )

14. Tighten TPS screws without changing setting achieved in step 13.

15. Snap Throttle plate ( pull up on "throttle lever" vertically and let go ) (use throttle lever not cable incase cable kinks or binds)

16. Re-check and if needed re-adjust TPS to correct voltage

17. Re-connect ISC motor connector.

18. Start engine

19. Adjust idle to (850 RPM +/- 100 RPM)

20. Shut engine off.

21. Turn ignition to the ON position for 15 seconds then turn to OFF position

22. Tighten and adjust accelerator cable - 1+ mm free play

23. Make sure ISC control switch (just) touches stopper on throttle lever (lever accelerator cable is attached to)

24. Start engine

25. Confirm Correct Curb Idle Speed
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Idle Set Procedure
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