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 History and Development

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PostSubject: History and Development   History and Development I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:26 pm

History and Development
of the
Mitsubishi Starion and Chrysler Conquest
1982 to 1989

In the beginning:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the parent company to Mitsubishi Motors is one of the worlds largest corporations, dating back prior to 1937. Mitsubishi Motors Division is ranked among the 10 largest automobile manufacturers in the world. As a side note, Mitsubishi is also the only automotive manufacturer in the world that builds their own turbochargers!

In 1972, Chrysler Corporation purchased a minor percentage of Mitsubishi Motors stock that gained them a seat on the board of directors. This opened up Chrysler's ability to introduce a variety of low cost, fuel efficient cars toting the Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge banner. We saw many cars, such as the Champ, Colt, Arrow, Challenger, Sapporo, mini trucks roll off Chrysler's lots and home in the hands of happy consumers. Many of Chrysler's US built cars shared Mitsubishi power plants
(i.e. LeBaron, Dodge 400, Reliant, and Aries.)

It was to no-ones surprise when they announced their intended entry to the US automotive market in 1983. Having gained knowledge of what the US consumers wanted through their partnership with Chrysler Corporation, the car manufacture stood ready to strike out on their own.

To introduce themselves in October of 1982, a modest line-up of models prove sufficient. These were the Cordia, Tredia, Montero, 2WD and 4WD trucks, and of course, their Flagship, the Starion.

The Starion was to be designed and built to go head to head with other Japanese sports coupes that were now enjoying an exclusive niche in the US market. These were the Datsun 280ZX, powered by an in-line-6, and the Toyota Celica Supra, also with an in-line 6. Needless to say, Mitsubishi's quick little 4 cylinder turbo sent Datsun and Toyota scrambling back to the design departments for turbos of their very own!

Chrysler also released the Starion under their own banner in 1984, displaying the name "Conquest", and they played a major role in refining the cars capabilities and appearance. With joint cooperation between the two industry leaders, we saw the Star/Quest grow and mature through its 7½ ~year production life. while other manufacturers were redesigning their whole car, in an attempt to stay ahead. The Star/Quest, however, simply got better, proving an already excellent design.

General Information:

POWER Plant:

Mitsubishi Built 2.6 liter(2555cm³/155.9 cid) inline 4
Model G54B
Mitsubishi built TD05 Turbocharger
Single Overhead Cam, Chain drive
Hemispherical combustion chambers
Patented MCA Jet valve (for Combustion chamber "Swirl")
Patented Twin Silent Shafts for engine balance *
Throttle Body Injection (EFI)
Bore/Stroke 3.59"/3.86"
Compression Ratio 7.0:1
Clearance Volume 6.39cc
145hp @ 5000rpm
185 lb-ft torque @ 2500rpm
Clutch Diameter: 8"
5th gear (overdrive)ratio 0.86:1
Final drive ratio 3.54:1
Starter; 900w direct drive

Uni-Body construction
Front engine, rear drive
Length 173.2"
Weight 68.3"
Height 50.2"
Wheel base 95.9"
Curb Weight 3037lbs (5spd) 3097lbs (auto)
Drag Coefficient = 0.35

Independent, McPherson Strut Design
With Stabilizer Bar
Rear: (Chapman design)
Independent, McPherson Struts
With Stabilizer Bars (front & Rear)


Power Assisted
8" Ventilated Disks front and rear
*Later licensed to Porsche for use on 944

Subtile Differences Between the Conquest and Starion
Starion's grill was painted black while Conquest's is Body Color
Starion Taillights had wide grooves while Conquest's were tight
Starion wasn't available with a lighted vanity mirror


Starion EX, 2+2 Coupe (base Model)
Starion LS, 2+2 Coupe (Luxury Sport)

First production year of the Starion was actually mid 1982.

LS included Air-conditioning, 6 way adjustable seats, digital display, and 8 speaker sound system standard.
7.0:1 compression
Flat sided body only.
Identified by fake hood scoops, and :TURBO decal behind doors.
Introduced unique door mounted seat belts
5spd manual transmission only
Transmission production change ('82.5-03/83)(04/83-04/85)
Block change (82.5-01/83)(02/83-08/85)
Oil pump change (82.5-01/83)(02/83-end)
Oil cooler added (06/83-05/87)
14"x 6" 4 Bolt rims

Available colors:
Sand Metallic


Available Options:

Air Conditioning (EX)
Sunroof (EX/LS)
Leather Seat Package (LS)
Limited Slip Differential
Technica Package included:
Limited slip Differential
Anti lock rear brakes
Digital Instrumentation


Starion LS
Starion LE
Starion ES
First production year of the Conquest. Sold under Dodge, and Chrysler/Plymouth banner
(Note: The "Conquest" was never sold in Japan)

Drive train Changes:
P195/70R-14 on 14"x6" alloy rims standard
First year Automatic was offered
(Used 1200w, reduction drive starter)
Conquest receives quicker steering gear
(14.3:1 instead of Starions 16.0:1)
Manual transmission change, ?? models (12/84-09/85)

Chassis Changes:
Hood Scoops removed
"Turbo" logo shrunk and moved to door handles Conquest had "Voice Box"
Grill changes to body color
Front Chin spoiler moved forward, and angled back
"B-pillar" vent changed to single slot (Conquest)
Front bumper looses license-plate aperture
Pin striping removed (Conquest)
New ABS computer designed

Available colors:
Black Exterior w/ Red Interior
Red Exterior w/ Gray Interior

Maroon Exterior w/ Maroon interior

Available Options:
Automatic Transmission (Starion LE, Conquest)
Air conditioning (Starion LS, Conquest)
Tire Package
P215/60R-15s on 15" x 6.5" alloy rims
Lower gold body treatment
TSB 21-18-90


Starion LS
Starion LE
Starion ES
Starion ESI (1985½)
Conquest LE

Drive train Changes:
Water cooled turbine bearing housing (All)
Stronger Drive line (5 lug tire hubs on ESI )
Manual transmission change ??model (10/85-05/87)
Manual transmission change ??model (06/85-05/87)
Block change (09/85-end)

Chassis Changes:

Available Colors:

Pearl Exterior w/ Blue?? Interior
Gold Exterior w/ ?????? Interior
White Exterior w/ Tan Interior (Conquest)
Burgundy Exterior w/ Burgundy Interior
Red and Black?? w/ Gray Interior

Available Options:
Auto Transmission (Starion LE, Conquest)
Air Conditioning (Starion LS, Conquest)
Technica Package (Conquest)
Digital Instrument Cluster
Electronic Voice Alert
Body Side Trim

ESI Package (actually a 1985.5 model)
170hp @ 5000rpm (SAE Net)
220ft/lbs @ 2500
7.5 PSI boost
Compression 7.0:1
Rear Wheel ABS (EIS only)
15"x6.5" 5-bolt Rims
P215/60HR-15 tires
Limited Slip Differential
Available w/Manual Transmission only
9.92" rotors (front), 9.65" (rear)
Steering Ratio: 14.3:1
Stabilizer Bars = .83"(front), .71"(Rear)

Technical Service Bulletins Issued:

TSB 18-52-86
TSB 21-10-90
TSB 21-18-90


Starion LE
Starion ESI-R
Conquest LE
Conquest TSI

Introduction of the Starion ESI-R
(Euro Sport Intercooled-Rally)

Introduction of the Conquest TSI
(Turbo Sport Intercooled)

Drive train Changes:
Automatic Valve lash adjusters installed
Brake rotors increase to 10.8" (front) and 10.4" (rear)
215/60R-15, 15 x 6.5" 4 bolt alloy rims standard
New computer, with High altitude compensation

Chassis Changes:
First Wide Body (Flared Fender) design (ESI-R & TSI)
B-Pillar Vent changed to one vertical slot, (Starion)
Rear Spoiler, made standard
New Cyclops Brake Light
Improved ETACS Computer w/wiper speed control, doorlock
control, and 30 delay for power windows
New Interior trim
Body side moldings made standard
Rear washer/wiper made standard
Steering ratio increased from 3.0 to 2.8 turns lock to lock
Control arm pivot point raised (ESI-R/TSI)
Control arms are 1" longer (ESI-R/TSI)
Steering Knuckle angles adjusted (ESI-R/TSI)
Stouter Idler arm (ESI-R/TSI)
Stronger Struts (ESI-R/TSI)
Wheel Offset Changed (ESI-R/TSI)

Available colors:
Black Exterior w/ Black Interior (Conquest)
Silver Exterior w/ Black Interior (Starion)
Red Exterior w/ Burgundy Interior (Conquest)
White Exterior w/ Burgundy Interior (Starion)

Available Options:
Air Conditioning (Conquest)
Automatic Transmission (Starion LE, Conquest)
Leather/Digital Package (Starion LE)
Illuminated Vanity Mirrors
Technica Package (Conquest)
ESI-R Package

176hp @ 5000rpm (SAE Net)
223ft/lb @2500rpm
Compression 7.1:1
Flared Fenders
16"x 7" (F) 16"x 8"(R) 5 bolt alloy rims

Service Bulletins Issued:
TSB 18-52-86
TSB 21-08-90
TSB 21-10-90
TSB 21-18-90


Base Model = 146hp @ 5000rpm, 185 lb-ft torque @ 2500rpm

Starion LE
Starion ESI-R
Conquest LE

Final year of the ES Model?

Drive train Changes:
15"x 6.5" Wheels P215/60HR15
Improved fuel management system
Fuel cut circuit removed
Manual transmission change (06/87-end)
Piston and pin change (82.5-05/87)(06/87-end)
Flywheel change (82.5-05/87)(06/87-end)
Oil cooler change (06/87-end)

Chassis Changes:
Rear Axle Ratio 3.54:1
TC05 Turbocharger
Passive Restraint seat belts

Available colors:

Bright Silver Exterior w/ Dark Red Interior (Starion/Conquest/TSi)
Black Exterior w/ Black Interior (Starion/Conquest/TSi)
Bright Red Exterior w/ Black Interior (TSi)
Dark Red Exterior w/ Dark Red Interior (Starion/Conquest>
Driftwood Exterior w/ Dark Red Interior (Conquest/TSi)
Gold Exterior w/ Black Interior (Starion/Conquest/TSi)
Medium Blue Exterior w/ Black Interior (Conquest/TSi)
White Exterior w/ Dark Red Interior (Conquest/TSi)

Available Options:

Air Conditioning (Conquest)
Leather seat trim
Floor Mats
AM Stereo/FM Stereo (Standard on TSI)
Automatic Transmission (Starion LE, Conquest)
Technica Package (Conquest Only)
Digital Instrument Cluster
AM Stereo/FM Stereo
Leather Wrap Steering Wheel w/radio controls

TSI/ESI-R Package:
176hp @ 5000rpm, 223 lb-ft torque @ 2500rpm
7.5 PSI Boost
Rear Wheel ABS

16" Wheels P205/55VR16 (7"front) P225/50VR16 (8"Rear)
Unique Air Dam
Fender Flares
Lower Body side Sill Extensions
Leather wrap Steering Wheel w/radio controls
AM Stereo/FM Stereo
Performance sound exhaust
Remote/heated outside mirrors
Limited Slip Differential

Service Bulletins Issued:
TSB 18-52-86
TSB 21-10-90
TSB 21-18-90


Starion ESI
Starion ESI-R
Conquest TSI

Drive train Changes:

Boost increased to 10 PSI
188HP @ 5000rpm 234 lb-ft torque @ 2500rpm

Chassis Changes:

Available Colors:
Electric Blue Exterior w/ Black Interior (TSi)
Canary Yellow Exterior w/ Black Interior (TSi)
White Exterior w/ Dark Red Interior (Conquest)
White Exterior w/ Beige Interior (Starion)
Red Exterior w/ Black Interior (Starion/Conquest)
Black Exterior w/ Black Interior (Conquest/Starion)
Maroon Exterior w/ Maroon Interior (Conquest)

Available Options:

Sport Handling Package (Starion ESI-R, Conquest TSI)
225/50-16 on 8"rims (front)
245/45-16 on 9"rims (rear)
8 position, manually adjustable shocks
Cosmetics aero Wheel covers
Air Conditioning (Starion ESI, Conquest TSI)
Leather seat trim (Starion ESI-R, Conquest TSI)
Automatic Transmission (Starion EIS-R, Conquest TSI)

Service Bulletins Issued:

TSB 21-08-90
TSB 21-10-90
TSB 21-18-90


Starion ESI-R
Conquest TSI

Final production year for both cars.

Drive train Changes:

Chassis Changes:

New Three point harness for rear passengers
New One Touch automatic down for Power windows
New two position power antenna
New standard sport bucket seats

Available Colors:

Red Exterior w/ Black or Buckskin/Black Interior
White Exterior w/ Dark Red or Buckskin/Black
Yellow Exterior w/ Black or Buckskin/Black Interior
Black Exterior w/ Black or Buckskin/Black Interior
Buckskin Exterior w/ Black or Buckskin/Black Interior
Blue Exterior w/ Black Interior
Silver Exterior w/ Dark Red or Black Interior

Available Options:

Air Conditioning
Floor Mats
Performance Handling Package
5-Way Adjustable leather sport bucket seats
Sun Roof

Service Bulletins Issued:

TSB 21-08-90
TSB 21-10-90

Technical Service Bulletins Description:

TSB 18-52-86 Rough Idle, Faulty ECU
TSB 20-08-90 5spd Buzz through Shifter, Replace shifter
TSB 21-10-90 5spd Model KM132 redesigned 5th gear.
TSB 21-18-90 Auto Trans Overdrive switch


1988 Catalytic Converter
1988 Rod Bearings


Rim increase from 14" to 15" ?
Clutch size Increase 8"-9"-10" ?

Bumper to Bumper Warranty 3yr/36,000 mile
Drive train Warranty 3yr/50,000 mile
Rust Warranty 5yr/unlimited mile

This data has been collected through data released by a number of publications.
Chrysler Publications Archives
Chrysler Service Department
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Turbo and High performance Magazine
Mitsubishi Sports Car Club of America
Road and Track
Car an Driver
Popular Science
Motor Trend
NADA Blue Book

NOTE: Production changes with dates, have been identified by part number changes.

This section is not intended to infringe on any publication rights, but to provide information to fellow enthusiasts of the Conquest and Starion.

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History and Development
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