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 Injector Clip Plug Replacement

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Injector Clip Plug Replacement Empty
PostSubject: Injector Clip Plug Replacement   Injector Clip Plug Replacement I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:47 pm

Injector Clip Plug Replacement

Tools Needed:
Small Flat Tip Screwdriver, Exacto Knife, Wire Strippers/cutters, Soldering Iron, Heat Shrink Insulation, Electrical Tape.


* Replacing your injector plugs will in most cases sure a lot of injection system problems. It should be done as soon as you buy your car, or if you haven't dont it already.

Step 1:

* Remove ONE plug at a time. To do this, insert the small screwdriver into top of the silver retainer ring that holds the injector plug on, and pull up. If you drop it, dont worry, a new one comes with your new plugs. TEST FIT the new plug at this time.

Step 2:

* Take the Exacto Knife and CAREFULLY cut back the sheathing around the wires. Cut back about 1.5 inches. Spread the sheathing and finish cutting it off.

Step 3:

* Take the wire cutters/strippers and cut one of the wires. Strip back about 0.25 of an inch on the wire attached to the car. Repeat this for wire #2. DO NOT DISCARD YOUR FACTORY PLUG YET.

Step 4:

* Take the new clip, and strip back 0.25 of an inch on each wire.

Step 5:

* Now put the heat shrink tube around EACH wire out of the way, and solder the new clip wires onto the wires from the car. When you are finished soldering, either use the iron, or a lighter to shrink the tubing around the wires. Finish it off by wrapping electrical tape tightly around both wires.

Step 6:

* Push the plug onto the injector ensuring a good fit, and clip on the retainer ring. Repeat for the other injector.

Step 7:

* Start the car and let it warm up. Once it is warm, rev up to 4k a FEW times. If there is a "hiccup" or the car dies at or around 3k, you did something incorrectly, or the plugs are not making good contact. In a few cases the wire to the injectors may have cracked and be shorting out further down the line. The only way to check this is to cut back the sheathing down to where the wires meet with the engine harness, about 1.5 feet, and check the wires.
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Injector Clip Plug Replacement
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