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 Spark plugs 101

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PostSubject: Spark plugs 101   Spark plugs 101 I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:50 pm

Hello all and welcome to Spark plugs 101

Here will be some info I have gathered over the years on some Spark plugs I have used and personally tested. Have provided some part numbers and pics so you can relate.

Lets Start...

See chart bellow:

- If you are running a STOCK car then the OEM plugs will be FINE.
- If you have some MINOR mods done to the car (+30-40HP) then go 1 range colder on OEM plugs
- If you have mods done to the car (+40-70HP) then go 2 range colder on OEM plugs

OEM OPTIONS....(See chart bellow)

- Use the Eclipse plugs with DUAL Ground Electrodes to increase the spark, to multiple due to multiple electrodes and at the same time get a BETTER spark as the center electrode is EXPOSED to the Air/Fuel Mix thus a better combustion. And also this will serve as an Anti-Fowling system over the OEM single ground electrode.


- You can use the RX7's Spark plugs for wildly modified cars to better atomize the air/fuel mix as they have 4 ground electrodes with an exposed center electrode. These plugs were designed for the rotary engine because a rotary motor are VERY turbulent in the combustion chambers thus they needed a spark plug with GOOD firing capabilities. The multi pronged sparkplugs help make sure you get a SPARK or a multiple spark under the worst possible conditions.

- You will need to experiment with your ride to see which one will benefit you the most. From PERSONAL experiences....I have used them all and I like the BR8EQ-14's. These will give you a little bit of hesitation when cold but for about 3-7 minutes then its HOLD ON BABY! If you like more of the INSTANT power then go for the BR7EQ-14's these will be great on EXTREME cold days BUT these are NOT recommended for road race as they get REALLY hot and can fail on you.

And finally the 2nd Gen RX7 Plugs are the latest and are good but I still preffer the 1st gens for teir "MUSHROOM" spark kernel effect. the 2nd Gen's are more of a sideways and upward kernel.

Again these are personal tests and testimonials so its up to you to test these on your car as we all have different upgrades and modifications and very seldon two cars are the same.

I hope some of this information helps some of you as I was pretty ignorant to the specifics of HEAT RANGE and KERNEL size and its effect on combustion gases.
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Spark plugs 101
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