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 Vacuum Line delete...

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PostSubject: Vacuum Line delete...    Vacuum Line delete...  I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:51 pm

Diagram shows by description what is left and where it goes All the vac lines that don't have anything written for them get tossed (or saved lol). With the exception of Cruise (not supplied by intake vacuum alone, but im going to mention its other vac location anyway so you don't remove this line when deleting), and heater unit function. As for the distributor, boost gauge and cap off, those are 3 different ports (the ones found at the throttle body driver side between the inner fender and intake), so figure those lined up as i showed in the pic, just adding that in in case you aren't sure where they were to. These 2 things will be in the separate area below this pic due to the fact mitsu did not add those in with this particular diagram...

Vacuum Line delete...  Untitledpicture

Ok as for the heater and cruise (if u want both or one of them whatever). The can behind the power steering is used in conjunction with vacuum source from intake manifold. There is however one way valves in between while running into cruise control vaccum lines too (from factory). To have these functions when deleting lines do the following in the pic. For clarification however, simply run vac hose from intake (can be either the port that I said to cap off between the bov and distributor, or the single larger port on the intake found by the large wire ground between the drivers inner fender and manifold on 88-89's). Then run that line to the can mentioned. T into that and run another hose to the small 1/8 inch nipple coming out of the firewall the original line was at. However use a check valve (as found for the cruise control by the relay and solenoid located about where the 2 green lines end in that area the pic cut out) in between the manifold and the can otherwise under boost u will notice your blower will fade off due to vac being cut out. Now for the Cruise control Keep it how it is vacuumed at the passenger side fender and its 2 components (just mentioned) relay and solenoid. Also the vac line from the cruise unit is T'd into a line going along the pass side to a pump below the coolant reservoir do not delete this line!!!

Vacuum Line delete...  VacuumHVAC
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Vacuum Line delete...
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