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 Stock Rim Offsets....

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PostSubject: Stock Rim Offsets....    2010-11-29, 6:56 pm

Bolt Spacing


Tire Size

FRONT: 205/55/VR16 (7" front wheel) or 225/50/VR16 (8" front wheel)
REAR: 225/50/VR16 (8" rear wheel) or 245/45/VR16 (9" rear wheel)

Wheel Size
Front: 7"x16" (7J-16) or 8"x16" (8J-16)
Rear: 8"x16" (8J-16) or 9"x16" (9J-16)

Wheel Offset
7"x16" mm (in.) 18 (.7)
8"x16" mm (in.) 18 (.7)

8"x16" mm (in.) -10 (-.4)
9"x16" mm (in.) 0 (0)

Torque Specifications
Wheel Nuts

Nm 90-110
Ft.lbs. 65-80

8" front wheel:

Front back space 5 1/4" (hub to back lip of wheel)
Front front space 3" (hub to front of wheel lip)

9" rear wheel:

Back back space 5" (hub to back lip of wheel)
Back front space 5 1/4" (hub to front lip of wheel)
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Stock Rim Offsets....
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