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 Recent Detroit auto show

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Recent Detroit auto show Empty
PostSubject: Recent Detroit auto show   Recent Detroit auto show I_icon_minitime2011-01-18, 9:02 pm

So about 18 years ago a buddy of mine & I drove from Cleveland to Detroit to the annual auto show, after we were done I had the great idea of "hey, lets go to Canada for dinner before we head back to Cleveland", so we headed to Canada, got there just fine until the border security asked me where I was born, I said Brazil!
Well, then they asked for my passport or proof of US citizenship which I didn't have it with me. I was a US naturalized citizen & held a US passport but none of those documents were with me. So they held us there for about an hour & then decided to send us back to the US.
By now we were really hungry, these auto shows take a lot of energy out of you & our stomachs were pushed back to our spines, growling to be fed!
So we drive back to the US side glad that ordeal was over with, not so, now the US border security was demanding proof of US citizenship, another hour went by until they decided we/I were ok to reenter the country, remembering my social security # helped some.
In the end, I was caught in no man's land for at least 2 hours, sure made the trip a lot more memorable. Funny thing is, I have no recollection where or what I had for dinner in Detroit.

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Recent Detroit auto show
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