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 Flex-fan & fan shroud setup for '83-'89 SQ

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Flex-fan & fan shroud setup for '83-'89 SQ Empty
PostSubject: Flex-fan & fan shroud setup for '83-'89 SQ   Flex-fan & fan shroud setup for '83-'89 SQ I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:32 pm

This will work with any of the '83-'89 Starquests.


-Flex Fan (I used a 17 inch metal fan rated at 6000rpms, 17 inch is the largest you can use on a Starquest, they also make plastic flex fans if you're looking for a lightweight fan, cost was $28 at Advance Auto)

-Fan Spacer (I used a 2 inch spacer, you have to use a fan spacer to prevent the flex fan from touching the motor, 2 inch is the largest to use or the flex fan will touch the radiator, DO NOT use the bolts that come with the spacer, cost was $9 at Advance Auto)

-4 water pump bolts (you need these in order to bolt the flex fan to the water pump, I used bolts that were 2 3/4 inches long, the bolt head is 1/4 inch and the threaded part of the bolt is 2 1/2 inches long, take a bolt off the water pump pulley and take it to an auto part store so they can match the threads, cost was $1 at a local auto part store)

-radiator fan shroud (I used a shroud that came off a non-intercooled Starquest, it bolts up perfectly to the '88 radiator with 0 modifications, it's the only shroud that will work unless you fabricate your own, cost was $40 shipping included from David Crane's Auto Parts in GA, they specialize in Starquests and have 60 of them in their salvage yard)

***If your Quest is a non-intercooled one, you don't have to purchase a radiator fan shroud. You car is equipped with one already.


1) remove clutch fan (for non-intercooled cars) or 2 electric radiator fans (for intercooled cars) and discard (you won't need these fan anymore)
2) drain radiator of antifreeze coolant
3) remove radiator from car (you have to in order to install the flex fan and spacer)
4) remove the water pump/alternator belt
5) remove 4 bolts that hold water pump pulley to water pump and discard (you won't need those bolts anymore)
6) install flex fan and spacer onto water pump and pulley using your 4 new bolts and washers that come with fan spacer (you install the spacer on the water pump pulley and install the flex fan on the spacer)
7) install water pump/alternator belt and adjust
Cool put radiator back in car
9) install radiator fan shroud (the shroud is 2 pieces, a top half and a lower half, install the lower half first, then install the top half, then you bolt the top half to the lower half, you'll know what I mean when you do it)
10) fill radiator with antifreeze coolant

PROS of new setup:

The flex fan provides much more airflow than the clutch fan and electric fans. My water temp reads 1/4 on the gauge max, compared to 5/8 on the gauge max with the clutch fan or electric fans. You never have to worry about overheating again. There's no maintenance to do at all. You don't have to worry about replacing any of the parts like you would an electric fan setup. Since your electric fans are gone, your alternator don't have to work as hard. The flex fan weighs 1/2 pound less than the clutch fan, so that's less wear on the water pump bearing.

CONS of new setup:

Since the motor operates the fan, you lose horsepower. I haven't been able to notice any loss. The flex fan will wear out the water pump bearing more than with the electric fans. You have to use an adjustable wrench to turn the crankshaft pulley bolt instead of using a 1/2 inch wrench and socket. This is difficult when adjusting mechanical valves.


I believe this is an outstanding mod to do for the money. For less than $80, you never have to worry about overheating in traffic or spending extra money keeping your electric fans running. This is perfect for those that drive their cars daily and are not that picky about making the most horsepower out of their cars. For myself, I'd rather sacrifice a few horsepower than to be stranded due to a cracked head or blown head gasket.
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Flex-fan & fan shroud setup for '83-'89 SQ
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