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 First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors

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First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors Empty
PostSubject: First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors   First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:33 pm

First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors

Tools Needed:

Wire Cutters/Strippers, Socket Set, Pliers, Flat Tip Screwdriver, Philips Head Screwdriver, Heat shrink Tubing, Soldering Iron, Electrical Tape


* If your Starquest cooling fan motors take a dive, you can use motors from a 1st Generation Eclipse (90-94). Minimal effort is needed to complete the task.

Step 1:

* Disconnect negative battery cable.

Step 2:

* Remove fan shroud from in front of the radiator. BE SURE CAR IS COOL.

Step 3:

* Remove the malfunctioning fan and motor from the shroud.

Step 4:

* Cut off the Starquest wire plug with as much wire as possible. Strip back 0.25 of an inch on all wires to be soldered. Solder the wires to the Starquest plug. Did you remember to put heat shrink on the wires loosely first?? Heat shrink the wire connections and wrap electrical tape around them tightly.

Step 5:

* Reinstall the fan shroud onto the car. Re-connect the negative battery cable, and fire it up. Check for normal fan operation.
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First Generation Eclipse Fan Motors
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