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 Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination

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Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination Empty
PostSubject: Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination   Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination I_icon_minitime2010-11-29, 6:35 pm

Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination

Tools Needed:

Socket Set, Pliers, New Valve Cover Gasket Set


* Eliminating the Jet Valves in a Quest motor will prevent leaning out due to the valves sticking open. Leaning out causes serious engine damage. So get rid of them as soon as possible.

Step 1:

* You must remove the valve cover first. To do this, remove the OVC intake pipe, secondary air box (you still HAVE IT??), throttle cable clip, spark plug wire holders (3, bolted to valve cover), turbo water line bracket on valve cover, two bolts holding valve cover on. You will need to also replace the valve cover gasket. And it wouldnt hurt to paint the valve cover since it is already off the car.

Step 2:

* Looking at the cam and rocker arms from the front, the jet valves will be on the right side (intake). They are the small valves with a spring, similar to the regular valves, but a lot smaller. There are bolts holding them on. Remove the set screws that actuate the valves. This will cause the valves to stay closed.

Option 2:

* There is a Jet Valve elimination kit available from TEP for $49. What it comes with are 4 bolts that replace the jet valves themselves. I would not recommend using oil hardened bolts from a hardware store because they do not have the rubber seal that the TEP bolts have.

Option 3:

* Invest in a Dodge Caravan Non-Jet Valve Head from a scrap yard. They will just bolt right on.
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Inexpensive Jet Valve Elimination
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